A message from our Vice President of Development...


I am thrilled to support Whitemud West as the Vice President of Player Development. I want to help foster a love for the game while supporting the organization growing and developing community-minded athletes.

My priority is to support the development of our players as both athletes and, perhaps more importantly, good citizens. Through preparation, practice, game play and giving back, our players will learn essential life skills like teamwork, perseverance, and discipline. We want Whitemud West players to continue to be known as great hockey players but also as responsible, confident, and respectful individuals.

My key responsibility is to support the development of our coaches and players through:

  1. Skill Development: Building on traditional skill development gained through games and practices by creating linkages to structured skill development programs and vendors that who fundamental hockey skills such as skating, passing, shooting, and puck handling.
  2. Character Building: We advise our coaches and vendors that our players are expected to exemplify sportsmanship, respect, and leadership during training, practice and gameplay. These qualities are vital not only in hockey but also in life beyond the rink.
  3. Goal Setting: Players, coaches and vendors work together to set personal and team goals. I feel that proper introduction of our young athletes to the concept of a growth mindset is healthy and important in developing determined and resilient individuals.
  4. Supporting Mental Health: Hockey can be a mentally and emotionally challenging sport. Linking players and coaches with professional tools and strategies will help to develop mental resilience, cope with pressure, and stay focused in high-pressure situations.
  5. Community Engagement: I see Whitemud West as more than a hockey association; it's a community with a strong brand and rich tradition. I encourage our parents, players and coaches to give back to the community and develop the sense of social responsibility that hockey players are known for.
  6. Prioritizing Fun and Enjoyment: Hockey should be fun. We strive to foster positive environments where our players gain unique life experiences and build lasting friendships.

I am excited about the journey ahead, and I am committed to working closely with our dedicated volunteers, coaches, parents, and players to ensure that we provide a productive development environment.


Jason MacDonald

VP Development

THANK YOU to Hockey Alberta, the Hockey Alberta Foundation & Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation!

With their support through the Member Grant Program - Whitemud West was able to offer Development Sessions for U7, U9, U11 and U13 players along with an Intro to Goalie Session for U9 players!