A great way to raise funds and team build is to organize a fundraiser for your team.

There are so many things out there...where do you start?  Well we have compiled a list of ideas to share with our teams:

Ticket/Prize Raffle (You need an AGLC Raffle License for this)

Do you have something people want?

Why not sell tickets on it and raffle it off? Great ideas are Costco Gift certificates, liquor basket raffles, cash prizes) sports memorabilia.

You can ask local businesses for donations for prizes such as Oilers tickets, etc, or maybe you know a current or past NHLer who would be willing to donate some memorabilia.

Raffles are very simple ways of making money.

For more information on obtaining a raffle license, use of proceeds, etc. click here: AGLC Raffle

Bear Tracks Ice Melter

Booster Juice

Bottle Drive - Bottle drives are relatively easy fundraisers that can involve adults and children. You will need some drivers, some trucks, lots of boxes (that can be obtained wherever you return your bottles), hand sanitizer (those bottles are gross!), and bodies to help collect! Advertise the time and date for the bottle drive, and set up some drop off points for people who want to bring theirs in. Other groups can go door to door collecting. Make sure you let the bottle depot know you are having the bottle drive well in advance so they can prepare with extra staff. Ask people to save bottles for you, and try to time your bottle drive after long weekends, or holiday season!

Hockey Spirit Calendar

Community BBQ - Some grocery stores will donate food for the event, other stores might offer to “match your sales” if you park out front and bring bodies into their store. Or, have a “booth” at your local fair and offer an alternative to candy floss and candy apples. If you have the manpower to help out, community barbecues can bring in some good income.

Cookie Fundraisers

eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry- is an independent Whitemud West family owned Canadian company based in Edmonton, Alberta since 2013.

They sell beautiful jewelry and support amateur sports and community initiatives through fundraising. A perfect partner for your team fundraising.

  • Branded forms and information sheets are created by eLiasz and eLLa to assure success.
  • A dedicated webpage is created in support of your fundraising along with secure online payment options and no direct management of stock.
  • The jewelry packages are created to desired price points and occasions during the year (i.e. Christmas, Mother’s Day, General)
  • The fundraising formula is 40% of pre-tax sales proceeds going directly to the team / organization (i.e. Sell a $50 CAD jewelry package and the team receives $20 CAD).
  • A Fundraising contract is signed that assures transparency and commitment to the fundraising formula and goods to be delivered.

E-Mail Kristen Mackie at kristen@eliaszandella.com or call 780 203 9763 to start your team fundraising or download the eLiasz and eLLa Fundraising FAQ.


Gift Card Fundraiser

Greenhouse Fundraisers

Hockey Spirit Calendar

Hockey Pool Fundraiser - Do you know someone willing to look after a hockey pool, or a Grey Cup pool? Hockey pools are fun ways to be “competitive” with your friends, and there are websites now that, once you pick your team, keep things automatically updated with the latest stats. Just collect your entry fees from participants, get teams picked, and off you go!

Kernels Popcorn

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Mom's Pantry

Paint Nite/Plant Night

Party Lite

Perogies/Cabbage Rolls

Pizza Fundraisers

Pub/Game Night Fundraiser - Game nights/pub nights are usually for the parents, but can also be arranged to include children. First you need a location. Consider hosting at a restaurant where they might donate portions of profits back to your team, or a bowling alley, where you can all partake in the fun! You could use a hall, and have pot luck, or get it catered. At game nights/pub nights you can have silent auctions, casino games, loonie stick draw, or just hang out and play darts, crib, or pool. This is another great chance for parents to “hang out” away from the arena!

Sausage/Beef Jerky Fundraisers

Sponsors (team apparel, programs, banners) - Some teams have team sponsors that will make a contribution to a team to have the name of their business on the team apparel, buy program space, or have their name on a banner that is used at home and away games (just be sure not to put that banner too close to the home team’s bench to avoid bad feelings). This can be a great way to raise funds for a particular team. *Please note: nothing can be affixed to Whitemud West jerseys

The Mixing Spoon


World Famous Chocolate

Of course there are many, many great fundraising ideas out there!  If you have one you would like to share please send the information to our office at admin@whitemudwest.com.