Evaluation Objectives

Evaluation Objectives

Whitemud West intends to provide a fair, consistent, and comprehensive evaluation of a player's total hockey skills during the seeding timed skates and scrimmage sessions.

To ensure that all players have a reasonable opportunity of being placed on a team appropriate to their age, skill level, and commitment to the game, as determined during the on-ice evaluations of the current year.

To provide uniformity and consistency in the evaluation process such that player and parent expectations are consistent from year to year as players move through the various levels of the Associations programs.


Evaluation Process

Evaluation Policies will be posted on the WWHA website at the end of August followed by initial skate times. The next skate times and dates and will be posted on WWHA website in a timely manner once the information from the initial skate is compiled. Evaluations will consist of technical drills and scrimmages.

Overview Of Skills Evaluated

  • Skating - Acceleration, speed, mobility, agility, balance, stride, crossovers, pivots, acceleration out of turns, quick feet, controlled skating, change of pace, backwards skating.
  • Playmaking & Positional Play - Ability to see the play developing both offensively and defensively and moves to support, judgment, anticipation, understands systems, disciplined.
  • Passing - Passing, receiving, passing choices, on backhand, unselfish with the puck, presents a good target, receives and retains with control.
  • Puck control - Head up, stick strength, protection, in small spaces, in traffic.
  • Shooting - Power, accuracy, quick release, can shoot in motion, rebound control, variety of shots.