Evaluation Scoring

Evaluation Scoring Overview:


Overview Of Skills

Evaluators will consider all skills when scoring the players. The following is a general overview of hockey skills that evaluators will consider. In U9, U11 and U13 the evaluators will time players in skating and agility drills and will also be using evaluation spreadsheets during scrimmages. The seeding (timed) skates will consist of age-appropriate drills designed to allow players to demonstrate their particular level of ability and group players in appropriate scrimmage groups. Players will generally be evaluated in on-ice groups of 25-40 players.


Seeding (Timed) Skates

The seeding skates are intended to place players into appropriate scrimmage groups such that the evaluators can best compare/contrast players against players of similar skills and level of development.  The seeding skates will include a quick warm up followed by timed (laser accuracy) skating and agility drills.  These drills will require skating both forwards and backwards as well as skating with and without a puck.  There are two drills as outlined below. If a player falls or misses a cone, they will be allowed to run the drill a second time as we would like to see the players ability at their best.

Please have your player ready for these drills and giving their best effort during this seeding skate. As this is a part of the evaluation process, it can affect their overall placement for the year.

The seeding skate is very quick and your player will not be at the rink for the full hour. Following the seeding skate, your player will be placed in a scrimmage group.

Seeding Skate Drill


Your player will play in two scrimmages. They’re first scrimmage will be with other players who had similar seeding skate times.  Players will play all positions, rotating through various positions each shift based on a predetermined rotation which ensures all players will have identical shifts at each position (ie: your player will have the same number of defensive shifts as every other player being evaluated, etc.). The shift lengths will be identical and shift changes will only occur on the buzzer with the puck dropped at centre ice for each shift.

During the scrimmage, your player is being evaluated by between one and four evaluators.  Please understand that an evaluator is not viewing your player on every shift as there are four evaluators (10 players on the ice). In addition, those evaluators will take moments to make notes. The evaluators will get a very good evaluation of your player, however they may miss a shift which is noteworthy (good or bad).  These evaluators are independent and will not have one of their own children on the ice with your player. The evaluators are comparing the players on the ice against each other and are looking at skating, skills, tactics and compete/battle level.

Please have your player ready to play hard on every shift (ie: if you player scores an excellent goal on their first shift, it may have only been noted by one evaluator…keep working!).  Every shift is being evaluated by someone new and the players skill must be on display every shift.

The evaluators scores are averaged to come up with each players score for each session.

For the second scrimmage, if a player has been achieved a score in excess of a player in a higher group, they will be moved groups. In a similar fashion, if a player achieves a score less than that of a player in a lower group they will be moved down a group.

Following both scrimmages, your player will be given their score for the evaluations.  In the tiering process, your player will tier based on their score. This is a process which is process which has influence from Hockey Alberta on how many teams WMW will have in each tier, from WMW on our registration numbers and how many players will be on each team, but each player will be on a team with players with adjacent scores from this process.

Please note, there will always be the top scored player on a team and the lowest scored player on a team and they may be some distance apart.  However, the top player score is lower than that of the lowest score on a team tiered in the group above. The process is completely data driven based on the numbers from the evaluators. In addition, there are typically 2.5 teams per skate group.


Whitemud West Evaluations - Scrimmage Form



SAME AS LAST YEAR - THIS YEAR EVALUATIONS WILL BE NOT BASED ON POSITION. Players Will Rotate Through Forward and Defence During the Scrimmages as noted above.

Goaltender Evaluations

The evaluation of goaltenders is made difficult due to the specialized nature of the position and the unique abilities and experience required of the evaluators. Those players wishing to be evaluated as a goalie in the U11 and U13 categories must commit to playing goal on a full time basis throughout the season. A goaltender technical skill skate will be held for all goalies. Attendance is mandatory for all players that wish to evaluate as goaltenders. At this skill skate, all goaltenders will be evaluated by independent, non-parent evaluators and subsequently seeded into one of the groupings for the remaining scrimmage sessions. The weight of the technical skills is 75% and the scrimmages are 25%.