Evaluation Scoring

Evaluation Overview Of Skills

Evaluators will consider all skills when scoring players. The following is a general overview of hockey skills that evaluators will consider. New for the 2023-24 season, for U9, U11, and U13, evaluators will be using an electronic evaluation platform. Evaluators will leverage electronic devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc) to record evaluation scores of players. The seeding skates will consist of age appropriate drills designed to allow players to demonstrate their particular level of ability. Players will generally be evaluated in on-ice groups of 25-40 players. Each on-ice group of players will be further split into an appropriate number of sub-groups to ensure an efficient evaluation process. After the completion of all seeding skates within a category, players will be ranked within their category and that ranking will be used to place them into groups for the scrimmage games.


Skating/Skills/Tactics/Compete/Battle - Will Be Evaluated During Scrimmages.

Evaluation forms will use a 1-5 scale (1 = POOR, 2 = BELOW AVERAGE, 3 = AVERAGE, 4 = ABOVE AVERAGE, 5 = OUTSTANDING). 

The 1-5 scale has several purposes. It will allow evaluators to group players into similar categories. We want to ensure that the evaluation scores accurately reflect the comparability of players and believe the 1-5 scale accomplishes that goal. 

Players are scored relative to other players within their on-ice grouping.


Sample Evaluation Form:



Player Evaluation Process For U9/U11/U13

Players will have three skates. The first skate will be Seeding Skates with timed drills that will evaluate the players forward and backward skating.  Should the player fall during the drills, it will be at the discretion of the on-ice evaluator to determine whether a retry is warranted. All times are then entered into a spreadsheet and players are ranked from highest to lowest. From these timed drills the skate groups will be formed and the players will move into groupings for the first scrimmage. All players will have two scrimmages. Please keep in mind that there will be approximately 2.5 teams allocated in each skate group. Once the second scrimmages are complete teams will be formed.

In the U9 age group positions will not be assigned to players. 

In the U11 age group, players will be assigned a position by the volunteer working the bench. The player is expected to play the position they are assigned for that respective shift. Players are to be evaluated for those shifts based on the position that they line up for at the face-off. If a player lines up to play defence at the face-off, then he or she will be evaluated for their defensive skill sets during that shift.



This year, during registration, you will be asked to specify your players’ preferred position. The position selected at the time of registration will be used to group the players in our electronic evaluation platform, based on their preferred position.

NOTE: To ensure evenly balanced groups and playing time, players will still rotate through forward and defence during the scrimmages, however evaluators will be evaluating players based on their preferred position, and will take this into account while performing their evaluation.


Seeding Skate Drill:


Seeding Drill 1 2023