Available Ice

WWHA Ice Page:

To post ice on the WWHA Ice Page please contact the Whitemud West Ice Allocator - Lori Dochuk at registrar@whitemudwest.com

Parents and coaches please note that game and practice schedules are not created by WWHA; Hockey Edmonton creates all schedules for the over 500 minor hockey teams in Edmonton and local surrounding areas.

EMHA/HE ice cannot be sold, only traded or given away. EMHA ice is given out as a full sheet of ice (whether it is listed as half or full).  Ice that a WWHA team cannot use must be traded or given out. If a team cannot make a full or shared practice because of a conflict not due to Hockey Edmonton; it  will not be replaced. The shared ice can become a full ice practice for the team sharing if other team does not trade for it's portion of the half ice

NWZ Ice Page : http://nwzhockey.ca/rentals

Find the booking you want and click the BOOK button   - enter in your first and last name   and for the EMAIL ENTER ice@whitemudwest.com   (DO NOT ENTER YOUR OWN EMAIL)    put your phone number and the division (U9,U11,U13) and put your team number  WM405 (example)

Hockey Edmonton Ice Rentals:

When booking ice with Hockey Edmonton or for any City Ice Bookings – these instructions MUST BE USED to ensure you get the MINOR HOCKEY RATE of $185/hour (approx. $105 savings off the adult rate)

You must use the EMAIL  ice@whitemudwest.com  when booking your ice. I will then get the request of the booking and once confirmation is received I will notify you and send you an invoice. THIS ICE IS NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE BOOKED.  To book Hockey Edmonton Ice -    http://www.hockeyedmonton.ca/rentals

Find the booking you want and click the BOOK button   - enter in your first and last name   and for the EMAIL ENTER ice@whitemudwest.com     put your phone number and the division (U9, U11, U13) and put your team number  WM305 (example)


City of Edmonton Ice Bookings:

To book City of Edmonton Ice -

Find the booking on City of Edmonton arena booking availability page CITY ICE BOOKINGS AVAILIBILITY

Then follow this link ICE BOOKING FORM   enter in your first and last name  - select your position from drop down menu, enter your team number, and for the EMAIL ENTER ice@whitemudwest.com

Then enter in the Ice Slots (Date, Arena, Start and Finish Times) in the box – do the math question – click yes and submit

Please make sure you fill in all the areas with the correct information – TEAM Number etc.

Please make sure you have the correct dates, arena and times – once these bookings are requested they CANNOT be returned – you can only email me and we can list for sale.


Outdoor Rink Ice Bookings - TO BE UPDATED FOR 2021- 2022 WINTER SEASON

Callingwood/Lymburn Community League will have outdoor ice available for RENT starting on TBD.

Ice For Sale or Trade:

SATURDAY SEPT 1819:15 20:151CORONATION$180ice@whitemudwest.com
SATURDAY SEPT 1820:0021:001CRESTWOOD$180ice@whitemudwest.com
SUNDAY SEPT 1908:0009:001CORONATION$180ice@whitemudwest.com
SUNDAY SEPT 1909:1510:151CORONATION$180ice@whitemudwest.com
SUNDAY SEPT 1910:3011:301CORONATION$180ice@whitemudwest.com
SUNDAY SEPT 1919:1520:151CORONATION$180ice@whitemudwest.com