2021 U11 Tier 1 Information




Included for this season the U11 Tier 1 Teams will have:


  • 24 GAMES – that are 75-minutes in length (18 Games are given for Tiers 3-6) (Tier 2 will get 24 – 60-minute games)
  • 24 PRACTICES – Tiers 2-6 are given 18 practices
  • 12 Development Ice Sessions – Power skating, Stickhandling, etc. (In addition to the 24 practices)
  • 6 Off-ice sessions RVX, ATHX as examples
  • Tournament – Participation in the Whitemud West Hockey Tournament at River Cree November 12-14, 2021


If your player makes the U11 Tier 1 team, the additional cost for the program will be $750.00 per player.

This amount will be in 2 payments – the first payment is due November 1st, with the second payment due Jan 1st.   The team has the option to use Fundraising, Sponsorship funds, Donations, etc. to offset the cost of the second payment.

*The maximum additional cash call that the U11 Tier 1 teams can have cannot exceed $100.00 per player.

**If with a majority vote the team decides to enter other tournaments this could exceed the $100 cap.

***In previous years the U11 Tier 1 team cash calls have been upwards of $1000.00 per player.


The U11 Tier 2 teams have been given 6 extra games this season (24 Games total-all games are 60 minutes) the additional fee for these 6 games for players that make a U11 Tier 2 team is $50.00 per player to cover these additional games.



Playing and competing at the highest levels demands a great deal of commitment from both the individual player and their parent(s).  Full commitment from the player and families is expected.  The fees for the additional Pilot Program will not be prorated if you are away on holidays, if your player cannot attend a session, etc.


At the U11 Tier 1 level, players can expect to be on the ice up to 4-5 times per week with their team including practices, games, additional on ice or off-ice training such as power skating, skills camps, workouts etc.


Players will typically compete in a minimum of 30-40 games throughout the season, including the regular EMHA schedule, Minor Hockey Week, Exhibition Games and Tournaments.