Whitemud West 2020 Female Hockey Program

Happy Spring Galaxy Cats,


I hope everyone is staying healthy and finding some peace and happiness in this crazy world. I think I speak for all of us when I say we are missing our sports, music classes, dance, art, school, and other activities a lot. There have been some updates that have come from Hockey Canada, Hockey Alberta, and Whitemud West. We still do not have a clear answer to what hockey will look like next season but we are all hoping and planning for a regular season to happen. That being said, I wanted to update all of you with what I am working on for next season with Galaxy Cats Hockey at Whitemud West and some Girls Hockey updates for the Edmonton Area.




Edmonton Minor Hockey Association is working to have 2 ALL FEMALE Hockey Leagues this coming season with surrounding communities. There will be 1 group in U11 (ATOM) and 1 group in U13 (PEEWEE). Both leagues will run in a Tier 5/6 level league with only girls teams participating. All other girls teams around the league will operate as usual in the regular coed tiering league. This has been in discussion for a few years now and it is very exciting to see it finally happening.




Whitemud West will be submitting 1 team in the U11 Category to play in the All Female League next year. If we have interest and numbers, we will look at having a U13 team as well but this will likely be 2 years down the road for us as our group of Cats grow up and develop our program.




We are looking at working with the Hawks to bolster our numbers moving forward. We are also counting on our great recruitment and word of mouth from our existing Galaxy Cat families. The 2020/21 Season we are looking at having 100 Girls in our program and creating the following teams.


U6 (Jr. Timbits) - 1 Team of 10 Girls                     10 Girls

U7 (Sr. Timbits) - 2 Teams of 10 Girls                   20 Girls

U9 (Novice) - 2 Teams of 20 Girls                         40 Girls

U11 (Atom) - 2 Teams of 15 Girls                          30 Girls


With registration opening up soon, I would ask all of you to register for our girls program as usual so we can see where our numbers are for the season. I care tremendously about all of the girls already in our program and will continue to have their best interest in mind. If, for some reason, we do not reach our goal of 100 girls, I will communicate with all of the groups affected to share in the plan moving forward. I will work with each family to find the best option for them and their daughter if this is the case. This program is still optional and if anyone has any questions or concerns about plans or what these options would be, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.




I have submitted a proposal to EMHA and EGHA to support us, SWAT, and other organizations in building our female programs. EMHA had female hockey very high on their agenda for their last board meeting. They responded favorably to my proposal and said it would be discussed amongst the board. I am now waiting to hear back from them about next steps. I will keep you posted on any updates.



I am very excited about the ongoing successes and growth of our Galaxy Cats Program at Whitemud West. We will be looking to reschedule our Girls Development Day as soon as rinks reopen to continue to grow. If anyone has any questions, concerns, or just would like to chat, please reach out. I would be happy to talk hockey, plans, or brainstorm with you about what is happening with hockey or girls hockey in the community.


Take care and I look forward to seeing you all soon for another great season of Galaxy Cats Hockey.



Courtney Bowlen Henry

Female Hockey Director

Whitemud West Hockey Association



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