Whitemud West Hockey is gearing up for the start of the 2023 hockey season!

Evaluations dates are listed below. Times and skate groups will be posted to the website beginning of September.

Please ensure all registration requirements are completed by September 5th or players will not be allowed on the ice for evaluations. If Robyn did NOT reach out asking for forms from you, your player(s) are completed and registration is confirmed.

If you need to send in forms please email registrar@whitemudwest.com as soon as possible. If you have registered recently we are diligently working to complete your registration and will email you if we are missing documents.


September 17- 10:15AM- 5:30PM Callingwood Arena


U9 Evaluations-

September 9- 7:45AM- 12:30PM Callingwood Arena- U9 Seeding Skate

September 10- 1:15PM- 8:30PM Callingwood Arena- U9 Scrimmage 1

September 16- 7:45AM- 6:00PM Callingwood Arena- U9 Scrimmage 2


U11 Evaluations-

August 31-5:30PM- 7:45PM River Cree Arena- Goalie Tech Session


September 5- 5:30PM- 8:45PM Callingwood Arena- U11 HADP Game 1

September 6- 6:00PM- 8:15PM Callingwood Arena- U11 HADP Game 2

September 8- 5:45PM- 8:00PM Callingwood Arena- U11 HADP Game 3

September 10- 11:30AM- 12:45PM Callingwood Arena- U11 HADP Prospect Game


September 15- 5:45PM- 9:15PM Callingwood Arena- U11 Seeding Skate

September 16- 1:15PM- 8:45PM Callingwood Arena- U11 Scrimmage 1

September 17- 1:30PM- 8:45PM Callingwood Arena- U11 Scrimmage 2


U13 Evaluations-

September 7- 6:00PM- 8:45PM Callingwood Arena- U13 Goalie Tech Session

September 7- 5:45PM- 8:30PM Callingwood Arena- U13 Seeding Skate

September 9- 1:00PM- 8:30PM Callingwood Arena- U13 Scrimmage 1

September 11-14- 5:30PM- 9:45PM Callingwood Arena- U13 Scrimmage 2