2022 Minor Hockey Week Parent Information

Welcome to the 58th edition of the Quikcard Edmonton Minor Hockey Week tournament. This is the world’s longest consecutive running tournament.

It runs January 7th - January 16th, 2022.

There is a $5 admission fee for the tournament; single game admission is $3. Ages 18 years old - 64 years old (EVERYONE ELSE IS FREE) The $5 button also gets you free coffee at McDonalds throughout the tournament.

All of the individuals working at the games are volunteers (time keepers, button sellers, checkers, Arena Managers etc).

All of the Referees VOLUNTEER their time during the tournament.

If you are volunteering during the tournament we thank you, if you are looking for volunteer information please contact your local zone. (Please note, volunteers must be minimum 18 yrs old to work in the timekeepers box)

If you are going to Terwillegar for the finals please be aware that parking can be tight, at any one time there will be at least 16 teams, their coaches and supporters at the arenas.

At no time are there parents allowed on the ice surface, this includes the finals.  At the end of each final game, players will be lined up in front of the benches for photo opportunities.  

Cheer loud and enjoy the tournament!