Coaches Information

Welcome to the 58th edition of the Quikcard Edmonton Minor Hockey Week tournament.

All coaches must be wearing a current QEMHW button when entering the arena, whether you purchase them at the arena or your association has bought and supplied them for you.

Please be sure you have your Hockey Canada Roster (HARD CARD/TEAM CARD) available to present to the Arena Manager before each game you play, either in paper or PDF format.  Please make sure you have a current and accurate version in your possession.  *Teams and their respective registrars have the sole responsibility for ensuring players and coaches are listed on rosters in advance of the game.

Access to dressing rooms will not be available till 45 minutes before your scheduled game at the earliest. Please be aware that if games are running behind you may be delayed getting into your room. Do not show up 60 minutes prior and expect to get into your room.

The length of all games is noted on the top of the schedules. Remember all games are run time, with the exception of the last 2 minutes of the game - 5 minutes in Championship Games (unless there is a five(5) goal spread or more).  The clock will not stop for any reason during run time play.

There are NO timeouts allowed during regulation time.

As per Hockey Canada rules a maximum of 5 coaches, each of whom must be named on your Hockey Canada Team Roster, allowed on the bench at any time.

All of the individuals working at the games from Arena Managers, Referees, Timekeepers, Button Sellers to Shift Checkers are volunteers.  Please respect them and their decisions.  Like yourselves they are volunteers and integral to the game and minor hockey week.

The Arena Manager is in charge of the Arena, decisions they make will be final.

At no time are parents allowed on the ice surface, this includes the finals.

Good luck and enjoy the tournament!