Whitemud West Volunteer Deposit Program

2018-19 Whitemud West Hockey Association Volunteer Deposit Program

Thank you to all families for volunteering!

Whitemud West Hockey Association (WWHA) is a volunteer-run organization, and as such, it depends on the volunteer assistance of its members to function successfully. Volunteers are essential to maintaining and growing the Whitemud West Hockey Association. The more volunteers we have, the better our association becomes!

Overview of 2018-19 Volunteer Deposit Program:

• Every family is required to complete volunteer commitments for 2018-19 unless they have paid the volunteer opt-out fee on their registration. The number of volunteer commitments for each family is dependent on the number of players and which category they are in. **It is important to note that we would rather have the family complete a volunteer commitment and contribute to the success of the club than pay the opt-out fee.
• Discovery and JR Timbits player families are required to complete ONE VOLUNTEER COMMITMENT per player.
• SR Timbits, Novice, Atom, and Peewee player families are required to complete TWO VOLUNTEER COMMITMENTS per player.
• There are no exemptions to the volunteer requirements.
• There is no maximum number of commitments that a family can contribute in a given year.
• There is no roll-over of volunteer commitments from year to year.
• Volunteer deposit cheques or payout will be collected for every player prior to the registration being accepted.
• If a family does not complete their volunteer commitments, the deposit cheque(s) will be cashed.

Opportunities that count for 3 Volunteer Commitments for 2018-19 are:

• Executive/Board Members
• Head Coach (one per team, entire season)
• Evaluation Category Chairperson
Opportunities that count for 2 Volunteer Commitments for 2018-19 are:
• Assistant Coach (max 5 per team, entire season)
• Team Manager (if one manager on team, entire season)
• Hockey Tournament Rink Manager or Committee Member
• Casino Shift

Opportunities that count for 1 Volunteer Commitments for 2018-19 are:

• Team Manager (if two managers on team, entire season)
• Parent Liaison (one per team, entire season)
• Jersey Parent (home or away for the entire season, bring to games and launder)
• Edmonton Oilers or Edmonton Oil Kings 50/50 Volunteer
• Time Keeping or Score Keeping
• In-Person Registration Volunteer
• Evaluation Volunteer – Check-in Table, Timekeeper, On-Ice Help, Bench Help – all on a shift basis
• November 2018 Timbits Fall Festival – on shift basis
• March 2019 Timbits Year End Jamboree – on shift basis
• November 9-11, 2018 Hockey Tournament Volunteer – on shift basis
• January 11-20, 2019 Minor Hockey Week Volunteer – on shift basis (Timekeeper, Check in Table, Checker, On-Ice & Off-Ice Rink Managers)
• Special Events as communicated from the club

2018 Whitemud West Volunteer Deposit Program FAQ

2018-19 WWHA Volunteer Deposit Form