Volunteer Sign Up Evaluations

Peewee Scrimmage 1  - Saturday Sept 22



Peewee Scrimmage 2 - Sunday Sep 23


A brief description of the positions for the Evaluations: All positions will be given instructions and drills will be reviewed prior to the skate time


Registration Table -  checks players in and assigns them a jersey, records jersey number, advises dressing room number and collects jersey at end of skate

Bench Lead  - organizing the players in the order the master shift sheet provided shows for shifts during the scrimmages.

Gate Swingers  - opening the gate on the bench for players to enter and exit for each shift.

Timekeeper - works the clock for the scrimmages

Drill Demonstrators - goes on the ice with skates, helmet and stick and shows the players the drill - assists to make drills run smoothly

Timers on ice (seeding skates) - Records the time on paper for the player doing drill, assists to make drills run smoothly

On Ice – drops puck – keeps the flow of the game for scrimmages going.