Team Formation

Team Selection Process

After the completion of the evaluation sessions, the tabulation of the final overall player evaluation rankings are used to place players in ranked order and this ranked order is used to create the proposed teams. Team selection adheres to the ratings from the current evaluations only.

Tiering Information (New for the 2018/19 Season)

It is mandatory for Whitemud West and all clubs to follow the new Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model & Grid Information.

Team formation will be based on evaluation scores and player ranking.

The following the tier chart for team placement must be followed by the associations.   Alberta One Standardized Tiering Grid

In tiers where more then one team is required the evaluations team must create two or more balanced teams to compete in designated tier.  We refer to this as “blending” teams and the intent is to build balanced teams in strength and to align with other Alberta teams and associations.

We will be placing and blending our teams accordingly.

For additional information released by Hockey Alberta on the new Alberta One Tiering Model please see the below documents.

Alberta One - Standardized Tiering Model

Alberta One Standardized Tiering Information

Alberta One Standardized Tiering Grid


Team Player Numbers

In the interest of optimum player development, the evaluation committee and the category directors will strive to compile final team lists in accordance with the following guidelines:

SR Timbits 10-13 players

Novice Minor 18-20 players
Novice Major 15-17 players

Atom 15-17 players, 1-2 goalies

Peewee 15-17 players, 1-2 goalies

Friends Playing with Friends

Requests from players wishing to play together will be given consideration, but such requests must be made in writing to the Whitemud West office NO LATER THAN AUGUST 30th. Such requests will only be considered if they are reciprocated by each family with a maximum of one (1) friend request per player. In the case of players in different tiers, the higher tiered player will move down to the tier of the lower player. A move of only one tier/team will be considered, but the granting of such requests is solely within the discretion of the VP of Evaluations and the category directors. The friend request form can be found on the Whitemud West website under the Players Tab - then under FORMS.

 Appeal Process

Player Placement Appeal Guidelines

Whitemud West acknowledges that special circumstances affecting the tiering of a particular player may occur. If it appears that a players ranking has been grossly unfair, that ranking may be appealed under the Whitemud West appeal policy.

The appeal process will not accommodate claims based on lack of preparation by a player, player absence due to holidays, lack of understanding of drills by a player, minor illness, tiering results of previous years, tiering results of former teammates and other players in the evaluation process, tiering results of other hockey clubs, dissatisfaction with evaluators, category directors, the VP of Evaluations, or the tiering process itself, or allegations of tampering, persecution, or mismanagement of the evaluation process. Every team will have a best and worst player – the player in question must be able to play at the top of the team above to justify player movement.

Factors that are considered in the process of an appeal:

  1. Is there a data entry error in the evaluation calculations that compromises the placement of the player subject of an appeal?
  2. Was there an illness, injury, or health concern that impacted the players performance in evaluations and was that taken into consideration in the evaluation and in a manner consistent with the evaluation process?

The following are not acceptable reasons for an appeal and appeals made for such reasons will be denied.

  • Desire to play with a particular player or players on another team.
  • Desire to play for a particular coach or assistant coach
  • Desire not to play with a particular player or player on the assigned teamunless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Desire not to play for a particular coach or assistant coach on the assignedteam unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Previous years performance or placement alone.
  • Placement in relation to another particular player or particular player.If an appeal is still considered after the above, the parent must complete an Evaluation Complaint Form (found on the WMW website under the forms tab) stating their concerns and issues as to why they feel their child was mis-tiered. A copy must be provided to the evaluation committee as soon as possible.