2018 Atom Tier 1 Information

The Atom Tier 1 tryouts shall commence August 26th - August  30th. For children who are not successful in being selected for Atom Tier 1 they will be required to participate in the regular Atom evaluations.

  • The goalie evaluations will take place on Sunday August 26th.
  • For the Atom Tier 1 Evaluations this year  60 players will be divided into 4 teams.
  • Monday Aug 27th  Team 1  vs Team 2 and Team 3 vs Team 4.
  • Tuesday Aug 28th Team 1 vs Team 3 and Team 2 vs Team 4.  Players will be reduced to 48 after these games
  • Wednesday Aug 29th  Team 2 vs Team 3 and Team 1 vs Team 4 - games will be 4 on 4. Players will be reduced to 36-34 after these games.
  • Thursday Aug 30th Prospect Game - teams will be formed and announced by September 1st.


Each player will be guaranteed a minimum of two ice sessions with the initial cuts being made following the 2nd scrimmage. Players will be rotated through positions during the scrimmages with the exception of goalies. The top 34-36 players will make the prospect game based on evaluation scores from the technical skate and the first scrimmage. An additional fee of $100.00 per player is required for your child to participate in the Atom Tier 1 Evaluation.

The Atom Tier 1 Evaluation is an open process with all players registered in the Atom category eligible to attend.   However, it is recommended, by the Whitemud West Hockey Committee, that your child has at least played his/her previous season at the Novice Tier 1 – 2 level or at the Atom Tier 1-4 level.


Playing and competing at the highest levels demands a great deal of commitment from both the individual player as well as his or her parents. Full commitment from the player and families will be expected.

At the Atom Tier 1 level players can expect to be on the ice up to 4-5 times per week as a team including both practices and games. Players may also be doing some form of additional on ice or off - ice training such as power skating, skills camps etc.

Players will typically compete in a minimum of 40 – 50 games throughout the season, including the regular EMHA schedule, Minor Hockey Week, Exhibition Games and Tournaments.

Historically, parents should be aware that additional costs for players participating in the Atom Tier 1 exist and should be budgeted for.

If you are interested in becoming a Head Coach or Assistant Coach fro Atom Tier 1, please complete the online coaching application, Successful candidates will be notified prior to the commencement of evaluations.