2018 Whitemud West Fall Invitational Tournament Rules and Format

General Rules: Atom

Hockey Edmonton Sanction

Teams attending the WMW Invitational tournament will adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the governing body Zone 8 which is described as Hockey Edmonton.


There will be eight (8) Tier 1 Teams, four (4) Tier 2 Teams and four (4) Tier 3 Teams. There will be a four (4) game minimum for all teams.

Tie games will be permitted during the Round Robin. Game Points awarded as follows:

Win = 2 Points Tie = 1 Point Loss = 0 Points

Game Format

Games will be played with 3 X 13 min periods with no flood in between periods. All periods will be stop time. Following each Round Robin Game if time permits there will be a 5 Puck Shootout with a time allotted to 3 Minutes. No Shootouts in Playoff games. Game allotted time is 75 Minutes.

Player of the Game

There will be an awarded Player of the game for each game. Coaches will pick a player from the opposing team. Max 1 POG per Player.

Disorderly Conduct

Any player who receives a misconduct penalty in the last 10 minutes of a game will be required to sit out the next game. In all other cases, Hockey Edmonton Rules apply.

The tournament committee, consisting of three members of the Host association, will review any disorderly conduct by players, coaches, and parents on or off the ice. The tournament committee will hand down penalties for such actions

Tie-Breaking Procedures

In the event of a tie in standings between three or more teams after Round Robin play, the standings will be determined as listed below. Use this process until one team can be promoted. Restart the process again to determine the order of the remaining teams.

**A maximum of six goal differential in any one game will apply**

1 Most Points

The team with the most points from Round Robin games advances first.

2 Head-to-Head

In case of a tie between two teams, the team having won the game between each other will advance.

3 Plus/Minus (‘Goals for’ minus ‘Goals Against’)

If still tied, the team with the best plus/minus (GF-GA) during Full Round Robin play will advance. As per above the 6 goal differential

4 Fewest Goals Against

If still tied, the team with the fewest goals against during Full Round Robin play will advance.

5 Most Goals For

If still tied, the team with the most goals during Full Round Robin play will advance.

6 Fewest Penalty Minutes

If still tied, the team with the fewest penalty minutes during Full Round Robin play will advance.

7 Coin Toss

If still tied, then a single flip of a coin by the Tournament Director will determine the team to advance.

Tie-Breaking Procedures for Playoff Games

All games must be completed within their permit ice times stated above. In the event of a tied score at end of the playoff game and time is remaining on the permit then the below is in effect.

The Tournament Organizer with the collaboration of the Head coaches will move forward on the below outlines

5 minutes or more left on the permit:

Five Minute overtime
For this tie-breaking option, and the permit time allows one 5-minute stop time 3-on-3 sudden-victory overtime period will be played. Play will end when one team scores and is declared the winner.

5 minutes or less on the permit:

NHL-Style Shootout
In the event of a tie where there is less than 5 minutes left on the permit, each team will select three shooters and each player will take one shot each, and the shots alternate from team to team. Upon completion of the three-player shootout, the team with the most goals wins.

Time Keepers

Each team will be required to supply one (1) timekeeper/scorekeeper for each game unless volunteers are provided.

Game Times

All teams shall be ready to go 10 Minutes prior to posted times. Games will commence when Ice is ready following the previous game.