RINK MANAGER - supports all the volunteers scheduled , reports to club any issues , no shows or attitude with the volunteers.  Calls in scores and writesups to MHW central.  Manages the ice, dressing rooms and ensures rules are followed, balances cash, button sales, individual tickets and and concession receipts, reports any issues with teams to MHW Committee.  Faxes write ups at end of that game to discipline.  If managing the dressing room keys make sure that the team leaves something of value behind for the key and they can get they valuable, their copy of the game sheet and any writeup when they hand in the dressing room key. Always get the promises that it will be returned.  People are honest its just such a busy and emotional time and they forget in all the excitement. Wrap up meeting to share what went well and what could use some tweeking. Must let Central know who is managing the rink and a contact number if it is changing each day.

Have the balance sheets, along with all game sheets and any hard cards or game sheets coaches / teams left behind.

All four (4) copies of the game sheet are to be returned to rink manager not given to teams at end of game. There will be a quick balance of buttons and tickets sold and cash collected at the end of every shift.

There is no dropping of the clock to meet flood times . If we all work together as a team focused on the players, we will be able to make up time and have a fabulous tournament. If you have any questions please contact Travis Vanberg at 780.995.7870.

BUTTON SELLERS - Two (2) volunteers working selling buttons and getting change from rink manager – for the last game of the night the button sellers can wrap up at the start of the third period and cash out.

TIME CLOCK - One (1) time clock person – have someone experienced doing this.

SCOREKEEPER - One (1) game sheet recorder – write clearly

CHECKERS – Two (2) volunteers as checkers.  Must be close to the player boxes so they can let coaches know if a player hasn’t done two (2) shifts per period before the period is over – best if in the penalty box for the team they are checking.  Dress warm.

**Absolutely NO kids under 16 in the time clock or penalty box – insurance and liability issue**

Thank you in advance for all your team’s volunteers for Minor Hockey Week and for those who volunteer countless hours all season long. You are all priceless and your willingness to give your time to make a youth’s hockey experience awesome help make the sport of hockey a truly wonderful experience for the players and all of us lifelong fans.

Good luck to all of our Whitemud West teams!