2018-19 Mid-Season Coach Evaluation Survey

Hello Whitemud West Families,

Please find below the link to your opportunity to complete a mid-season evaluation for the head coach of your child’s hockey team. This will be the 10th year we have used the on-line system and we have found it to be extremely successful and valuable. Please remember the information I receive is strictly confidential and the specific comments provided to the coaches are provided on a summary basis, in other words I do not receive information from whom the data is received from, rather I have the information in summary format by question which I then review with the coach.

WWHA really encourages your feedback to allow us to make the best decisions possible for future coaches of our children. The information can also serve as a tool to provide some feedback, positive and negative to the coaches, to help them improve and develop their skills for the future.

Please note there are a few things to know when completing the evaluation as detailed below:

Objectives of the on-line evaluation:

To provide a quick, easy way for parents to evaluate their head coach

To allow the parents to be assured that all responses go directly to the Executive Director at WWHA and will be secure and remain completely confidential. In other words, this should facilitate more feedback on our coaches as parents have in the past been uneasy about providing the evaluation to the parent liaison, manager or coach for fear of how the information may be used or how the feedback may be received, while never knowing if it in fact ever made it to WWHA for review by the VP Coaching.

The evaluations will assist the VP Coaching to provide general feedback (without providing names of the evaluators as this is private and confidential) to the Coaches if the Coaches desire to further their development as coaches.

The evaluations will assist the VP Coaching in assessing future coaches to make recommendations to the Hockey Committee for next years’ teams.

Instructions to use the on-line evaluation:

Please note that only one (1) evaluation is allowed per computer. For parents that have children on more than one team and they wish to evaluate each head coach they will have to access the link from another computer.

When completing the evaluation, you will need to complete all boxes in each section or the software will not let you move to the next category. Parents please note that once you move past each section you cannot go back. So be sure you have marked the respective boxes and completed your narrative comments to your satisfaction before clicking on “Submit”. Also, remember that once you are in the form and have emailed your evaluation you cannot go in to change it or complete another one. Please note, we encourage lots of narrative comments as that helps us evaluate the coach and provide good feedback.

This information is completely private and confidential and will be sent directly to the Executive Director of WWHA and will be reviewed by the VP Coaching. No other parties will have access to the system or any information therein.

**If you are the coach** Please do not complete an evaluation of yourself but rather mark the coach areas N/A. This will allow you to evaluate your assistants and your manager.

We appreciate the time that you have taken to do the evaluation and thank you for your assistance as parents and/or being a volunteer throughout the year.

Most importantly please complete this by Thursday January 31, 2019, as the program will be terminated at that time. We look forward to receiving your review.

LINK to the On-line Coach Evaluation:

2018-19 Mid-Season Coach Evaluation Survey

Kind regards,

John te Velde, VP of Coaching